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Interesting Game Concept

2009-03-27 09:24:56 by MrSAI

I was thinking the other day...

Guitar Hero Rocks
Rock Band Rocks

Flash Hero is also pretty good, but the engine doesn't behave like GH or RB and in my opinion the music isn't particularly amazing.

So how about a Guitar Hero clone which runs off multiple tracks? I.e. When you miss a note, the guitar is muted but the rest of the song carries on playing. I know it's possible because I just put together a VERY crude attempt, and whilst it looked like crap (we're talking a button on a black background here, haha) it did work.

I'm not very good with flash, so hopefully someone takes this idea and puts it to good use. I'm thinking that the music could be completely original *rock* music from Unsigned bands... So maybe Unsigned Hero? You'd be limited with the bands who have access to their multi-tracks, but the game would surely be a smash hit on NG and even other sites potentially.

If someone does do this they can definitely expect help from me in the sound department :)


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2009-03-28 20:09:33

Flash Hero kinda sucks. The keys are messy and it's hard to play the notes. But this guys...
...been doing the sorta thing your talking about since 2006

MrSAI responds:

Wow, yeah that dude looks like the master of rhythm games. I might have to hit 'im up with some tracks ;)


2009-03-31 16:51:49

So what, are you gonna try and compete against him?
If you are, make it stylish :3

MrSAI responds:

Haha, no not at all...

I meant that I'd give him some rockin' tracks for one of his games :)